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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Whipping the Self-Censor

Janeane raised a compelling question in her blog yesterday:

" Who doesn't know you blog and would it change how you blog--what you write, whether or not you self-censor--if they did?"

Lots of people--most people--don't know that I blog. And some of the ones that I thought would be interested aren't. At first, I used to give some thought to what people would think if they encountered my blog. I remember my wife remarking, somewhat incredulously, when I informed her about my intentions to blog, "You mean it's public? It's just sitting out there on the Web for anyone to see?"

As I get further into it, and my confidence in my own voice grows, I'm finding that I care less and less about who sees it or what they might think. It's a very self-affirming, self-empowering feeling. It's kind of like jumping off a cliff, and there's a certain intoxication in that--something that I suspect is shared by my fellow bloggers.


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