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Tuesday, October 01, 2002


Elaine, in the honest, unsparing manner that typifies her writing, muses about the difference, as she experiences it, between the fun of being single vs. the comfort of being settled with a mate.

I have to confess that there have been times when I’ve said to myself, “I wish I was having as much fun as Elaine seems to be having.”

My wife and I have made a conscious effort to have more fun—now that we don’t have kids to take care of anymore—and, by and large, we’ve done pretty well at it. But there’s no way we get out and do all the stuff that singles do.

The envy doesn’t last long. Elaine’s right. How can you compare “fun” to the luxury of just being in the house, cooking and eating meals together, sharing stories about your day, etc. with someone you love totally, and with whom you’ve spent three decades, side by side, growing closer each year.

I’m one lucky bastard. But if I should ever be alone, Elaine would be my model for how to live.


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