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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Good Day in Oaktown

Three happy notes for Oakland sports fans:

1) Miguel Tejada of the A’s named American League MVP. Richly deserved! Way to go, Miggy!

2) Billy Beane, the brilliant General Manager of the A’s, has decided to spurn the lucrative offer tendered by the Boston Red Sox. Says he loves it here and wants to stay. Bless you, Billy! Beane, BTW, has managed to amass one of baseball’s best teams despite being constricted by of one of the lowest total payrolls in the sport.

3) The Raiders pulled out an absolute must-win last night in Denver before a nationwide audience on Monday Night Football. Their performance was a breathtaking display of skill and confidence. How about those ageless Raider wonders, let go by their former teams because they were supposedly over the hill—i.e., Jerry Rice, Ron Woodson, and Bill Romanowski. Last night, they all showed us why they’re on their way to the Hall of Fame.


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