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Friday, March 28, 2003

My Latest Bloggermeet

We’re on our way up to Mendocino for a fun weekend that will include laying back in a room overlooking the Pacific; attending a Neil Simon play whose cast includes Denise Howell’s dad, Mel McKinney; and, yes, meeting the lady herself, one of the Blogosphere’s major talents, Denise Howell of Bag and Baggage fame.

We’ll be dining with Denise tomorrow night and I can hardly wait. If it’s as much fun as it was meeting Frank Paynter and Dorothea Salo this winter, we’re in for a great evening.

Denise decided at the last minute to come on up, citing Worst Practices as the rationale for doing so (meaning she’s up to her earlobes in work, and when there’s no time available, that’s when you take off). Way to go, Denise! Worst Practices rule.

This should snap me out of my recent blogging funk. Look for me to be back after this dreamy little trip.


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