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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Blog Fatigue

It's been only about a month since I returned to blogging, but I'm already noticing something different about the experience. Something seems to be amiss in the blogosphere. There's an air of fatigue that I sense out there. And worse.

Jonathon Delacour, one of the truly elegant voices of this medium, has put his finger on this uneasiness in his own special way. His post today, "Before the Revolution," recaps a bit of the history of Talleyrand and the French Revolution, and employs it as a compelling run-up to a simple but profound conclusion:

"Those who did not blog in the years before the revolution cannot know what the sweetness of blogging was. "

There's a hell of a lot of context surrounding this brief assertion to which I cannot do justice. Go read Jonathon's post instead. I suspect some interesting threads will get generated out of this--at least I hope they will. Robust discussions help keep some of the fatigue at bay.


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