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Friday, August 04, 2006

Body Parts

Leaving a comment to my previous post, Jeneane offers the possibility of blogging about Paynter's ass. Hmmm. Well, I don't think so, but just to keep things within the Yuck Zone, how about a more proactive body part--los cojones?

Frank gives them an entertaining and brave flex by including one of the reigning legends of the blogosphere as an object of his wrong-side-of-the-bed screed.

After reeling off the easy targets--basically everything related to Bush and the Middle East--plus business, art, academia, technologists, ownership, even hapless victims of skiing accidents, he turns on Halley.

Poor gal had her night out in North Beach derided as "Tony Bennet bullshit." Perfect! I laughed "halfway to the stars" with that one!

Way to go , Frank! It's so refreshing to see a nice guy turn mean.

On a more serious note, this gets me to thinking about the changes in the blog scene. Having been absent much of the past two years, I'm wondering about how things have evolved.

Some are quite obvious--the frantic search for monetization--blogs as hucksterism--seepage into the mainstream (nobody looks at you with that blank stare anymore when you say "blog")--a sort of pseudo-industry (which is probably heresy to suggest).

I wonder if in some way the arc of Halley's career and blogging might be an instructive representation of the blogospheric evolution?

Just a thought. Jeneane says no one's paying attention any more, and Maria Benet has suggested we might do lunch and share thoughts on the subject. (Yes to that, Maria).

Despite all the changes, what matters, no doubt, is that the central factor holds: blogging remains a convenient, effective medium for enabling conversation between people who find value in communicating with each other.

As for the rest of it--the agenda pushing, poseuring, name-dropping and money-grubbing, let me join Frank in his screw-fest. Screw the whole peripheral blog scene.


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