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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Female Appeal

This is like a throwback to my youth. I seem to have struck out with the ladies. Nary a peep anywhere from the female side concerning my entreaties for Dianne Feinstein. Maybe I should have pitched it differently—e.g., used a head like “Time For a Female For President!” Maybe I should have sent emails to the Blog Sisters roll. Maybe people just think I’m dotty, or that Dianne’s a war monger (she isn’t). Or maybe, everybody’s just sick of politics. I thought I was, too, until I started thinking about getting a woman in the picture.

Anyway, today, I’ll make a specific appeal to all you great women bloggers out there. Check out the piece on Feinstein which I blogged about yesterday. And to get the juices flowing, check out Joan Ryan’s piece in today’s SF Chron, straightforwardly titled, “Women, Get Angry.”


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