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Monday, November 18, 2002

Implementing Gonzo

The group blog Reading Gonzo—Engaged (where this writer got his start in the blogosphere), has been moribund for a couple of months. I guess these group blogs tend to have a limited life cycle.

Now, however, the irrepressible Marek J catapults RGE back to life with an hilarious post on how the principles of Gonzo Marketing might be advantageously employed. He impishly suggests that corporations establish an “Official Gonzo Marketing Implementation Program.” He asks us to consider the rather heady possibilities available in taking this course of action. A sample:

Just imagine if there was [such a] program, say.... at a small Bomb Factory in Oklahoma. - Instead of a typical call from a customer who says "I would like to order part number T64 dash 7YTGH32 version G for the 2001 implementation of Numba Release" he could just call and tell them "Send me some of those Catapult Release shit kickers for the Big Cocksucking Eat Shit Saddam Nuke'em Dry version G my man. Don't forget I want the version G." -- Immediately the Customer and the Customer Representative Associate would have relatability handled. There wouldn't be any upsets on the phone nor long awkward silence moments. Those two could swap stories and share their dreams of Kids growing up in safe neighborhoods, self-assured in their Gonzo superiority.”

Ever the visionary, Marek also sees applications for Gonzo principles beyond the Marketing Department--Human Resources, for example:

”'Well, We got no fucking money to train your ass. You got to buy your own books motherfuckers like everybody else on this team". Imagine the savings any corporation will achieve…” More . . .


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