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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Fellow Travelers

Very nice piece by Jeneane today—“blogging our journey”---on age and blogging perspective:

“Naturally, I hyperlink in my head to what blogging must feel like for the 20-somethings who've grown up online (like we didn't), and for the 60-somethings who are braver than most of my relatives of the same age for just being online. If bloggers are, in some way, a family--which many of us have said is so--then our ages, our birth order, do come into play in what we say, what we write, how we relate. No? I think yes. Not every post, certainly, but in the bigger picture of our blogs. . .

. . . I admire Elaine and other bloggers of age for mostly taking a seat beside us as you watch us fumble along--sometimes succeeding, sometimes realizing, sometimes hesitating--on a road of years you've already traveled. For trying to stay positive and reassuring as we find our own way. Please do that--we need it.”

You know what, Jeneane? The opportunity to provide some positve perspective and reassurance to our younger blogging friends—which, unfortunately is about 98% of all bloggers—is much more of a gift to us than to you. It’s a crying shame that there aren’t more of my age peers out here in the blogosphere. They don’t know what they’re missing.

But the real thrill is not dispensing advice or reassurance. The juice that matters comes from the opportunity to fumble right along with all the younger bloggers. We may be in a different place—a good place, mostly—but the mysteries and perplexities of living don’t disappear. They just morph into some new disguise. And banging it out on the keyboards with a bunch of other souls of all ages is,----well, precious. It transforms what might be a time of vague dread to one of discovery and expectation.

Sounds almost like youth, doesn’t it?


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