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Sunday, January 26, 2003

More Fellow-Traveling

This is sort of an adjunct to my preceding post.

Jeneane and Elaine, in the Comments section of Elaine’s blog have an exchange in which they express the desire of an older blogger to try to steer the younger ones in the right direction. I don’t share that feeling at all. After all, the forty-year old of today lives in a different world than the one I inhabited in my forties.

Elaine mentions the fact that we sexagenarians have won some battles that the forty-somethings still have to deal with. But, as was the case with my children learning to become independent and to be their own people, all I could do was to provide a model. The rest was strictly up to them. As for providing models, by the way, Elaine does an outstanding job of it with her blogging. That’s where the value really is.

As for advice, shit, I'm still struggling right along with the younger folks. It's just a different battle, and, like the youngsters, I have to learn as I go.

I must say, though, after thinking about it, that it would be awfully nice if there were an active group of bloggers in their 80's and 90's sharing their experience. That would be helpful to me.

Maybe my relaization of this value that older bloggers could provide will help give me some impetus to share more of my own experience. When I'm feeling cynical, I tend to dismiss the effort. I start assuming that I should find something better to do. I start suspecting that if there's any value to younger bloggers through sharing my experience, it's more likely to be as entertainment rather than educational.

Anyway, thanks to Elaine and Jeneane for opening up an important conversation


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