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Monday, January 27, 2003

Name That Incursion

Doc reflects on Bush v. Saddam and arrives at a semantic question:

Note that I don't say the upcoming U.S. war against Iraq. That's because the Bush administration is being careful to isolate enemy status to one man and his "regime," which Bush hopes to "change." In other words, what he wants is a coup, preferably from inside, but from outside, if need be.

So: we need a word, or a phrase, for this. Since the French gave us coup d'etat, how about an expression that means the same thing, imposed from the outside by military force?"

Maybe “preemptive strike?” – which Bush and Gang are claiming as their sovereign right. But it doesn’t quite fit. Preemption may or may not have overthrow as its objective. If we stick to the French, maybe “coup d’étrangère?”

How about “illegal invasion?”


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